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Our new learning center is here to enhance the skills you have and to ease the task of completing the educational courses required by your respective licensing boards. We know the strength of our organization lies within our foundation – the foundation of dedicated and loyal employees committed to our mission and the patients we care for. Physicians, discharge planners and other referral sources entrust their patients to us because of our compassion, comprehen- sive approach and dedication to assisting each patient return to their maximum level of independence. And, with the unlimited number of courses you can take, even beyond your requirements, we are all one step closer to becoming the best in home health care.

Our goal is to remain on the cutting-edge and provide our employees the most appropriate and applicable education for today’s skilled care environment. We trust that each of you will take full advantage of this great benefit and walk proudly each day as a representative of your profession as well as a part of the PharMedCorp organization.

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